Australian Chamber Orchestra

Australian Chamber Orchestra

IBM’s long-time sponsorship of the Australian Chamber Orchestra afforded Valerie countless opportunities to play (so to speak) with the iconography of classical music, creating scenes of bygone elegance which perfectly backgrounded the entrancing sounds of the ACO.

One of these dinners was held in the Art Gallery of New South Wales for around 60 people. Valerie commissioned Dali-esque violin centrepieces to be hand-sculpted, cast in resin and painted by art students in various modern art styles. These works of art were themselves presented to selected guests at the end of the evening.

At another ACO dinner at Observatory Hotel in Sydney, the violin centrepieces were encrusted with crystals. Italianate styling in the large mirror, the table settings and other details complemented the Baroque music of the orchestra.

At an ACO dinner in the Park Hyatt, the violins were decorated with swirls of pearls reflecting the Aboriginal motifs of the venue’s new renovations.


January 2016